If it's legal...we smoke it!
                                                                                                    Czech Cafe Items

Village Schnitzel - hand breaded tenderized pork medallions smothered with marjoram gravy.  Served with German potato salad.
"Velmi dobry" (very good).
Sausage & Kraut - in-house smoked sausage, grilled to perfection and served with Village kraut. Comes with German potato salad.
"Bajecny" (yummy).
Czech Dog - homemade wiener topped with Village kraut and Swiss caraway cheese, nestled in a hot dog bun. "Velmi chutne" (very tasty).
Butcher Loaf Sandwich - our very own homemade Czech meat loaf served on French bread topped with cheese.   An absolute favorite.
"Nezapomen'te na kec'up (don't forget the ketchup).

                                                                Czech Market Items

Czech Dogs - homemade pork and beef sausage.   A local favorite.

Jaternice - Czech sausage made from scratch.  Ears, snouts and and much,  much, more!

Butcher Loaf - Tradition "Czech meatloaf"

                                                                                                                    Czech Beer
Czech Var by 7G Dist.

Locally brewed beers by Iowa Brewing Company and Milstream Brewery

Domestics by 7G dist. - Bud light, Mich Ultra, Busch Light, Rolling Rock

Red and white domestic wines available